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Is cooking or using your kitchen a hassle? Is the kitchen triangle spaced too far apart or too close together? A kitchen triangle connects the three main areas of your kitchen, sink, refrigerator and the stove/oven, to allow for a better work flow, but can sometimes be overwhelming when planning your kitchen renovation or design.

Often times, the kitchen is the center of a home. Families gather to cook together, eat meals, talk about their day, and where children finish their homework, so when the area doesn’t flow, it tends to be frustrating.

  • Measure your current area. The space between the major areas should not be less than 4 feet or greater than 9 feet. In your redesign, make sure the areas are clear of any obstructions.

  • How many cooks will be in your kitchen? Do you need more than one sink or an island?

  • Keep in mind what the area is used for. If children are completing their homework, a large bar might be beneficial for those nights where homework papers are scattered across a table.

There are no rules for your kitchen! The workflow and design should fit you and your family. Give us a call today and we will work with you on your new renovation or design.

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