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Much like the cabinets and countertops, flooring is one of the key features of a kitchen. Among the flooring types (hardwood, stone and tile) are bamboo and cork, but which one is the best for you? Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable material, within three to seven years the plant grows to the mature height and is able to be harvested. Once the material is cut into strips, manufactures are able to darken the wood or allow it to maintain it’s natural color. You want to ensure the bamboo flooring you’re using are FSC-certified and do not have added formaldehyde. Bamboo flooring can be a higher maintenance; be sure you mop in the direction of the wood and do not get the flooring too wet, then wipe the floor down with a microfiber cloth. Price Range: $3 to $9 per square foot Cork flooring comes in a vast amount of colors from alabaster, brick red, mahogany, cherry, a deep plum and even a spring green. Have you ever shattered a dinner plate or a mug on a tile or hardwood floor? Because of the natural air pockets it is a natural shock absorber and you’re less likely to have your plates break.. it is even comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time! The upkeep is pretty simple, too; just wash them down like you would a hardwood floor. Price Range: $6 to $8 per square foot Flooring is just one of the many aspects of a kitchen renovation or design. When you give us a call, let us know what your daily activities are in an area, how much time is spent and we’ll give you some great flooring options!

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